James "Gentleman Jim" McFarland
Savannah Sewing Academy
1917 Bull Street
 Savannah, GA 31404


  1. Hi Jim,
    I ordered the the 50% off DVD earlier this month, and haven't received it yet. I just wanted to follow-up with you regarding an expected receipt date. Sorry for sounding so anxious!


  2. Hi Gentleman Jim, I have a 25% off coupon but when I do the buy now, the full price shows in the amt to be paid through pay pal; Do you apply the discount after we send payment? or do I need to do something else?

    Thank you,

  3. What does the Basic alteration DVD cover? I especially need help with pants.

  4. Hello Gentleman Jim,
    Thank you for keeping tailoring alive!! I'm wondering if you could help me find a 4 prong Hook and Eye Tool. I always wanted one of these and and I can't find this gadget/tool anywhere. I'm sure it was only used by the "Lost Art Tailors" :-) Any advice would be truly appreciated.... Thank you!!

  5. Hello Gentleman Jim,
    I have sent you emails but didn't get a reply.
    Would you be kind to answer me, please?

    thank you


  6. Good afternoon,

    I have just finished your pants course and used the techniques to complete a
    pair of pants. Those pants were some of the best fitting pants I've ever
    made. Not to mention I learned so much. I keep watching it and each time I learn
    something new. However, I am wondering if/when you will be coming to Michigan to teach or anywhere near Michigan? Also, are you going to be doing another course like the pants course?

    Thank you so much for making this information available!!!!


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  8. Just ordered your pants DVD and can't wait to watch it!

  9. Hi Jim I'm trying to order your Fine Art Of Lost Tailoring (2)DVD's for Tailored Men's Suit Jacket & Men's Pants Construction do you have such a DVD video set, how much is it & how may I order it please? Thank you...

  10. Hi Jim,

    Just wanted to know how do I get your DVD for Pants Fitting and How to Construct Coats.