Friday, November 21, 2014

And the Winner of my Final Set of DVD's is......................

Ok, before I announce the winner I want to thank you all for all of your kind words concerning the Burgundy wool coat I made and posted on FB. Ok, for those who didn't see it on FB I'll post it here as well. Thanks again! I REALLY enjoy making coats love the reward of taking several yards of wool and using my quick and time saving tailoring techniques to turn out a coat such as this in 7 hours.

I will showcase how I made this coat in my upcoming BurdaStyle Master Tailoring Course that you get more info about HERE! With one week left to go there isn't much time to sign up so please do so today! I don't want you to miss out on all the great info I have to offer.

There's also a commercial for it here....

 I love what I do and that's why I share and offer classes to you. I don't want to keep this knowledge to myself but pass it on to you guys, those looking to learn professional tailoring techniques that are simpler to implement and yield the best results.

Ok, now on to the WINNER.............................DRUMROLL PLEASE..................................................

The Winner is MAGDW!!!

Congrats Magdw!!! Please email me your address at so I can send you your DVD set!!!!

And thanks to everyone who entered. You're still a winner in my book!!! Stay tuned, I'll continue to release free videos,tutorials and info on my blog as well as FB page. Take care and I wish you all a splendid weekend!!!

Friday, November 14, 2014

And the Winner of the 2nd Set of my DVD's is.....

Can't believe it's Friday already! It's been a SUPER busy week. I'm all too excited to announce the winner of my 2nd set of DVD's. Not too worry, I'm giving my last set away on next Friday. So without further ado, the winner of my 2 DVD's is.......................


Lisa please send me you contact info to so I can maily you your prize!!! Congrats to all the who entered and remember my last drawing is last week. If you want to enter please see the entry details HERE.

Friday, November 7, 2014

1st Set DVD Giveaway Winner & Coat Progress

Hello Everyone! Check out my video (see below) to see the winner of the first set of  DVD's from my DVD Giveway I posted about HERE. Also I highlight a little of my coat progress which is pictured below. You can see it's nicely lined and I have to do some more work to finish the inside and it will be done. It's a wrap coat with a tie belt and it turned out great. Part of my BurdaStyle Webinar not only covers me sewing on every type of garment but shows me make a coat from start to finish (course info HERE). I will be fun to showcase my techniques. Enough about that, let's reveal the winner of the DVD set which is mentioned in the video below and text.

(Here's the orange coat you saw in pieces on my Facebook page. Well it's nearly complete. I like the vibrant orange color.)

(Here's the fabric weave up close)

That's right, Olufun Milayo is the FIRST BIG WINNER!!!!Congrats Olufun. Please email me your contact info at so I can mail you your DVD's. And don't forget I'll be making 2 more drawings on Nov 14th & Nov 21st.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Giveaway Drawing Tomorrow and Student Work

Tomorrow is the First BIG drawing (there's 2 more to go) and I will give 1 of 3 sets of my DVD's away to a lucky winner. Don't forget to get to sign up for the drawing. You can find the details HERE. Don't worry, all newcomers can still enter even up until the last day of the last drawing.

Also, thanks to EVERYONE who's thrilled about my BurdaStyle course and are attending it! I know there are many who desire to but can't at this moment. And I understand that. It's definitely a worthy investment and one that will be helpful to so many.  It would also make a great Christmas present as well! To quote one follower "it's about time we get exposure to a REAL Tailor". To be honest with you (can I be honest with you) I had no idea there wasn't more tailors out trying to do what I'm doing. I'm passionate about empowering others exceptional sewing and tailoring skills.  I'm delighted to share my wisdom and skill on a larger platform so that more sewers can benefit from it. Tailoring is a dying art and hopefully what I'm doing can counteract that.

Also I received some lovely pictures from my student Michele that I wanted to share. She attended my Summer Tailoring Coat workshop and completed this beautiful coat made of Blue Boucle and silk lining that she'd bought from Mood Fabrics.  She finished it with brass buttons. I love to teach and I was all too thrilled to teach Michele the in's and out's of tailoring a coat! She did a fantastic job!

Oops, before I forget I just posted another Master Tailor's Tip.,,,,, Enjoy!!!

Ok, drawing tomorrow. See you then    ~ Gentleman Jim

Monday, November 3, 2014

6 DVD Giveaway/ Burdastyle Master Tailoring Course

I'm SOOOOO EXCITED!!! And do you know what I do when I get excited? I GIVE AWAY stuff!!!! Yes I'm giving away 3 sets of my DVD's. That's right, 3 lucky winners will get a set of my Ladies Tailored Pant DVD & my 2 disc Basic Alterations DVD. These are 2 EXCELLENT resources that I'm constantly getting positive reviews/feedbacks on. Both contain industry standard methods that most sewers aren't privy to that yield exceptional results!!! For the next 3 weeks I'll announce a winner each week. See below for details on how to enter!!!

Well do you want to know why I'm so excited. Well I've teamed up with the wonderful folks at to bring a Master Tailoring Course to the masses!!! This course will be HUGE, HUGE, HUGE and will cover a full spectrum of sewn garments. I'll teach you my leading & masterful tailoring techniques that I apply to pants, shirts, skirt, jackets & coats. And on top of that you'll have the opportunity to watch me cut & sew a coat together from START TO FINISH. There's no more guessing on how the best tailoring techniques are done. You'll see it all here!!!! With detailed videos, worksheets, etc you'll  have all you need to start putting these techniques to work for you in your garment making.  So many of you have wanted to attend my my premier 3 day Workshops which cost $565 and that doesn't include travel, meals & lodging for those visiting from out of town. I'm excited to offer you this alternative for $139 which brings you my superb instruction but in a way that economically friendly to you!!! You can find the course HERE or copy & paste this address

Here's the FULL course outline---you're getting some great info:

Session 1 Introduction to Master Tailoring Techniques
     Introduction to tailoring and fitting.
     Specialized tools and supplies used by tailors
     How tailors create/correct/change patterns to ensure best results
     Common tailoring practices
     Learn how tailors take measurements
     Transferring measurements to a variety of garment types to correct fit (Pants, skirt, jacket, etc.)
     Assignment: TBA
Session 2 – Skirt Master Tailoring Techniques
     Setting in a variety of zipper types with fly facings.
     Set in tailored waistband with and without banroll.
     How to sew tab extension waistband on skirt
     Set in a fan pleat
     Create a regular pleat with mitered corner
     Professional attach lining to skirt with vents
     Assignment: TBA
Session 3 – Pants Master Tailoring Techniques
     Set tailored fly in both men and women’s pants.
     Create and install a quarter top pocket with appropriate facing and pocket bag
     Create and install a slanted pocket with appropriate facing and pocket bag
     Create “ Waistband Curtain” for Men’s tailored pants. This is seen in HIGH end pants
     How to make a 2 piece waistband and “Waistband Inlet” to add to pants to aid in fitting & alterations in both men and women.
     Assignment: TBA
Session 4 – Collared Shirts Master Tailoring Techniques
     Centering the stand and collar to achieve even results
     Properly measuring stand and collar and learn to make them compatible
     Properly measure neckline and convert measurements to pattern to get good fit
     Proper button placement
     Connecting yoke to the shoulder seam with one row of stitching (not the 2 step method)
     Assignment: TBA
Session 5 – Jacket & Coats Master Tailoring Techniques
     Convert a standard collar into a “2 piece” collar for better roll.
     Create lining “from scratch” with correct ease & pleating
     Construct a tailored 2 piece sleeve with mitered vents
     Building the perfect shoulder structure
     How to correctly make changes to a sleeve pattern to flawlessly sew in a sleeve
     Padstitching collar & lapel
     Tacking to secure coat or jacket
     Important handstitches (ie. felling stitch, etc)
     Sizing and pocket rules
     Coat Framing: Learn the correct application of interfacing
     Assignment: TBA
Session 6 – Construction of a Coat Part from Start to Finish
         Coat Pattern alterations
         Implementing timesaving fabric prep techniques
         Coat Layout and cutting techniques.
         Coat Framing: Demonstrating the correct application of interfacing
         Creating a Lining Pattern “from scratch” with the correct ease
         Sewing Coat: Pockets, Collar & Body of the Coat
         Sewing Coat: Sewing in the sleeves, Shoulder pads, etc.
         Attaching Lining
          turning up sleeves
          tacking the coat


     Assignment: No assignment---you get to observe the process!!!
How it Works: The entire course is chalk full of in-depth content just like this.It will run 6 weeks and you'll get a series of lessons every week that's full of videos and handouts. You'll be given an assignment that will be graded by Gentleman Jim and you'll be able to ask him any questions about it and discuss with fellow students!!! Just like it's done in the classroom or at his sewing workshops!!! By signing up for this course now you'll have the benefit of having it for 3 months---more than enough time to watch the videos, go through the materials and soak in the knowledge!!! This small investment will change your sewing drastically! Learn my methods of 53 years in this course! I promise you won't be disappointed!!! Again, you can find the course HERE or copy & paste this address

OK, now on to the 6 DVD Giveaway Rules---they are Simple!!!

1. Leave a comment at the end of this blogpost
2. Spread the news on Facebook by copy & pasting the following message. 

Copy & Paste this message on Facebook:
Check it out! Master Tailor Gentleman Jim is giving away 6 DVD's to celebrate his new Master Tailoring Course with Burdastyle. With this course learn master tailoring methods that will drastically upgrade your sewing and have you sewing like a tailor in no time! Visit his link here for more details

It's that EASY!!!! I'll pick a winner each Friday from the "Comment section" on the following dates: Nov 7th, Nov 14th, & Nov 21st. Hope you're a lucky winner!!!! And don't forget to sign up for my Master Tailoring Class. I want to see you there! If you're committed to sewing better this will definitely launch you there!!!