Thursday, November 6, 2014

Giveaway Drawing Tomorrow and Student Work

Tomorrow is the First BIG drawing (there's 2 more to go) and I will give 1 of 3 sets of my DVD's away to a lucky winner. Don't forget to get to sign up for the drawing. You can find the details HERE. Don't worry, all newcomers can still enter even up until the last day of the last drawing.

Also, thanks to EVERYONE who's thrilled about my BurdaStyle course and are attending it! I know there are many who desire to but can't at this moment. And I understand that. It's definitely a worthy investment and one that will be helpful to so many.  It would also make a great Christmas present as well! To quote one follower "it's about time we get exposure to a REAL Tailor". To be honest with you (can I be honest with you) I had no idea there wasn't more tailors out trying to do what I'm doing. I'm passionate about empowering others exceptional sewing and tailoring skills.  I'm delighted to share my wisdom and skill on a larger platform so that more sewers can benefit from it. Tailoring is a dying art and hopefully what I'm doing can counteract that.

Also I received some lovely pictures from my student Michele that I wanted to share. She attended my Summer Tailoring Coat workshop and completed this beautiful coat made of Blue Boucle and silk lining that she'd bought from Mood Fabrics.  She finished it with brass buttons. I love to teach and I was all too thrilled to teach Michele the in's and out's of tailoring a coat! She did a fantastic job!

Oops, before I forget I just posted another Master Tailor's Tip.,,,,, Enjoy!!!

Ok, drawing tomorrow. See you then    ~ Gentleman Jim


  1. Ohh- so short! Always hungry for more teaching -- will definitely be enrolling in your Burda class.

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