Reviews on Gentleman Jim's Basic Alteration DVD's

I am Rebecca and live in Clearwater, FL. I love sewing and I have attended many sewing seminars and classes. There is not much out there on clothing alterations. All the classes seem to be on either adjusting patterns or drafting patterns.
I purchased your video hoping I could learn more about clothing alterations. I have only watched 10 minutes of the first disk. I just want you to know it’s awesome! I have learned more in the first en minutes of your video about measuring correctly than in any of my seminars or classes.
I can tell you that you took great care in producing this video so your audience could understand alteration techniques. You have a wonderful speaking voice and your explanations are thorough and understandable. Thank you so much for the wonderful video and I hope you will quickly make more because I am ready to purchase all of them. You should consider becoming an instructor at the various Sewing expos. I am sure you would have hundreds of people attending your class and buying your videos…..
Rebecca P.

Dear Gentleman Jim,
I ordered your Basic Alteration Video from Southeast Sewing Products. I am a Fashion Design Student in San Diego, California. This semester I am taking a Tailoring class. We are using a Vogue Pattern and altering it to fit us and then learn the couture technique to finish the garment such as padstitching. I was very excited about the class but quickly lost my enthusiasm after beginning. I found myself confused and in over my head. To say that this has been my hardest class to date is an understatement. The class is over sized and the ability to spend time with our instructor limited.
In my frustration I sought outside help through the Internet where I stumbled upon your DVD. I just start viewing but I am SO excited. The quality is outstanding. The instruction clear and you make it understandable and have given me hope that I can excel in this class.
This DVD is outstanding product. I have owned many instructional videos over the years covering many topics but this one is produced and executed in the highest standards. Your expertise is refreshing and it is a joy to listen to your instructions. Thank you so much for creating this DVD. Short of being able to learn at your side this is the next best thing. Every Fashion/Tailoring student in America should be required to view this video.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.
MaKay Z.

Fashion Student, San Diego, California
P.S. Have you produced any other DVD's that I may purchase?


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