Sunday, February 22, 2015

Tie Sew-Along: Final Sessions 3 & 4 (6 videos included)

Sorry for the delay folks but here are the FINAL Tie Sew-Along videos.

(screenshot from one of the videos. You'll find all 6 below)

There are 6 videos, yes 6, below and I show you how I sew the lining on the tie, baste it together and then do the final sewing using my fellon stitch. I also have helpful advice on how to work with slippery tie fabrics. Of course you can go back and view my Session #1 videos HERE and Session #2 videos HERE. I was delighted to put this together and share this information with you all.  Be on the lookout my Tailored Vest Online course. It's coming soon. Enjoy the videos.....

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Made 2 More Fancy Vests!

I had to interrupt the last segment of the Tie Sew-Along so I could show you 2 vests I made for one of my favorite clients. One is a deep burgundy velour vest (that's right, velour. It's what he wanted) and the other is a white polyester fabric vest. He likes his vest with specific pocket placement and lapel style---it's his signature. Of course it only takes me about an hour to whip one of these up. Wonder how I do it so fast. Well you'll have to wait and see when I offer my Men's Vest Tutorial Course----DETAILS ON THE WAY. You'll get all on the juicy details on how I'm able to make these so fast and so flawlessly. Enough about that for now---see my client's vest pictures below!

 (Burgundy velour vest before buttons)

(Finished product)

 (Took pics outside so you could see the details better)

(Working on the white vest)

 (Lining up close)

(Finished product---perfect!)

Friday, February 6, 2015

Tie Sew-Along Session 2---Laying and Cutting Out Your Tie

We are nearing the end of the Tie Sew-Along. Just one more session to go. In this, session 2 I'll cover why it's so hard for most people to sew a tie pattern and how my strategy of using an actual tie and deconstructing it and using it's tie filler is one of the easiest methods to use in creating a tie. One thing that I address in the video that I don't want to confuse anyone is which part of the tie to machine sew and which part to hand sew. The tie will only be sewn where the linings are added at both ends. Otherwise you'll be following your deconstructed tie's "roll lines" so you'll know how to fold the tie fabric in on itself before hand sewing down the middle.  Check out this video for the clarification and details.

Now let's move on to laying out the tie pattern and cutting it out. Here you'll learn about the importance of cutting your tie out on the bias among other important details.

Ok, now we're ready to move on to our last session which is sewing.....

Monday, February 2, 2015

Winners of the Tailoring Supply Kit Giveaway/ Upcoming Webinar!!!

The time has come for me to announce the the winners of the 2 Tailoring Supply Kits I'm giving away.........Ok.....I'm going to do the drawing and pull the names out the bucket.......

.....and the winner's are Titi and Dawn Hardy!!!!

Congrats Ladies!!! Looks like you'll both be winning 2 Tailoring Kits full of essential tailoring supplies. Please email me your address at

The 2 Kits each contain the following Premium Tailoring supplies:

-1 Yard of both Woven Black and White Interfacting
-3 yards Ban-Roll
-1 Pair sleeve heads
-1 Pair Shoulder Pads
-2 Pieces of Disappearing Chalk
-1 Skein of Waxed Thread

Thanks for all who entered and for all of your helpful webinar requests!!!! Due to an overwhelming request looks like the webinar for this month will be on .....
Fitting and Sewing Custom vests

People rave about my vests! And I'm excited for this first webinar that I can show you all the details on it concerning doing the proper fitting, sewing, matching designs, etc. That's right I can make one of my vests in about 1 hour with pockets and all. Let me show you my methods from start to finish!
Be on the lookout for that in the next few weeks. I'll start with showing how I do my Men's Vest and will do a Women's vest separately shortly thereafter.  Also, I'll be wrapping up the Tie Sew-Along this week. Again, stay tuned! Lots of exciting things coming up!!!!