Monday, April 14, 2014

Summer Summer Workshop Question and Answers!!!!

Thank you for all of your interest in my Summer Sewing workshops that I mentioned in my last blog post!!! I know some of you have had some question so I'll try and cover the answers in this blog post. Please be sure to post additional questions in the comment section below and I'll answer those below as well.

Summer Summer Workshop 

Workshop Dates

Q: Are the sewing workshop dates finalized?

A: Not entirely. I threw some dates out to see the response I would get. If the majority of attendees prefer a Thur-Sat or Fri-Sun schedule then I'm completely comfortable with shifting. I'm at my sewing studio daily so any day(s) would work for me. So if you're interested in participating but the mid-week dates don't work for you please email me and let me know.

Q: How many more sewing workshops do you plan to have in July and August?

A: As many as are requested. I have 2 set for July and 2 set for August but can add more based on requests. Also dates are flexible and can be changed as needed. I can have as many workshops as anyone wants to attend. My time is open!

Workshop Topics

Q: Will you only be doing the Tailored Jacket and Pant workshop?

A: The workshop topics are completely based on demand. Many folks have been asking about a Tailored Jacket and Pants workshop which is why I've gone ahead and set that up. I'm planning to add additonal workshops but am awaiting feedback from those who are interested.

Q: What other types of workshops are you planning for the Summer?

A: I'd like to to a workshop centered on new or intermediate sewers who would like to sharpen their technique---you know learn to sew faster and more time efficiently. I'm also doing my Tailored Coat workshop toward the Summer's end. Other workshop topics include whatever you guys want to request. I can sew nearly everything. I can do one's centered on sewing skirts, vests, tailored shirt, menswear. You name it! If you have any special class requests please let me know.

Workshop Instruction/Sewing Schedules

Q: What can a participant expect to experience at your workshop?

A: To learn an insane amount of great sewing/tailoring information in 3 days. My workshops are chock-full of information. I have an unique ability of simplifying complicated sewing tasks. I have 53+ years of experience and have refined my technique and skills in such a way that produces the best results. That's EXACTLY what I look forward to passing on to my students!!!

Q: How much hands-on training will be involved?

A: There will be non-stop hands-on training! . Workshops will be from 10am-6pm with a break for lunch. . I will demonstrate each step and will allow for students to apply onto their own garment. I will be there to help if they have any difficulty.

Q: Will I have a final product at the end of the workshop?

A: That of course is my aim! I want all of my students to have a well constructed and tailored garment to take home with them. Everyone sews and works at their own pace so I don't want to rush anyone. My methods are so concise that students should have a completed or at least near completed garment at the very end!


Q: I'm interested in enrolling in your class what do I need to do?

A: Please email me at to initiate the process. I will send you an enrollment from and take your 50% deposit.

Q: How many students are allowed in each class?

A: Class space is limited to 5-8 people to ensure each student get's personal one-on-one training. These classes fill up so don't hesitate to sign up asap!

Q: Do you allow groups to attend such as a sewing guild or sewing group?

A: Yes, we welcome them. There's nothing like sewing and learning along side a bunch of your sewing friends. If you'd like to book a date not listed please let me know. Again my schedule is open and I would love to schedule your group's visit.

Sewing Workshop Supplies/Studio

Q: What do I need to bring with me?

A: I will provide all machinery and equipment to use in addition to the pattern we will be using. Student will be given a list of supplies to bring which will likely be fabric & muslin and any other necessary notion. None of the items will be expensive unless you choose to work with expensive fabric. I will have "Workshop Kits" available for anyone who would rather purchase their supplies from me. Also participants can bring their own sewing machines if they feel more comfortable sewing with them. I have both industrial and conventional sewing machines.

Q: What is your sewing space like?

A: I have 1600 Sq ft of space so all participants will be more than comfortable. I have a room with a large cutting table and gravitational feed iron. The room behind it has several sewing machines and a sitting area. Off from that I have a couple of cubicles that contain industrial machines for individual sewing space. I have a kitchen equipped with a microwave and fridge for those who want to bring their lunches. There is more than enough comfortable sewing and work space.


Q: Are there lots of choices for lodging in Savannah?

A: Yes, there are lots of options just depending on where you want to stay. My studio is located in between midtown and downtown so the location is perfect and easily accessible no matter where you decide to stay.

Q: Where do you recommend we book a hotel

A: I recommend the midtown area (on or near Abercorn or Bull St.) . It's a straight shot from there to my studio. To help with your search here's my address......
The Savannah Sewing Academy
1917 Bull St
Savannah, GA 31401


Q: What forms of payment do you accept?

A: I accept all payment options---cash, check, credit card, PayPal payment. If you need me to send you a PayPal invoice just call or email me to let me know.

Q: Do you take payment installments?

A: Yes, a 50% Deposit is required when you enroll in the class by the May 20th . You deposit is non-refundable and is due by May 20th. And the remaining balance is due before or on the first day of class at the latest.


Q: For after sewing workshop hours is there alot to do and see in Savannah?

A: YESSSSSSSS!!!! Savannah is one of the loveliest cities. My sewing studio is located less than 10 minutes from downtown where there are wonderful shops and restaurants. The architectural structures and historical and lovely scenery makes Savannah an idea tourist location. So if you come you can consider your visit a "Sewing Vacation"!!!! There will be lots to do after hours and the trip will be well worth your while!!!

Ok, if you have any more questions please leave them in the comments section below and I'll provide answers. You're also welcome to call me or email me 404-213-6684 / I look forward to seeing many of you this Summer!!!!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Summer "Tailored Jacket/Pants" Sewing Workshop & Student Projects (pics included)

Hello All!!! Hope you're having a splendid week! I sure am! There's lots of exciting things on the horizon. For starters, and as a result of your requests and emails, I'm launching my teaching workshops to the public. That's right in June I'll be giving a 3 Day Tailored Jacket Sewing Workshop (June 4-6) and a 3 Day Pants Fitting and Construction workshop (June 18-20) at my prestigious Savannah Sewing Academy school. My sewing school is located in the beautiful city of Savannah, GA and I have 1600 Sq ft of space equipped with sewing machines and other professional grade equipment. I'm looking forward to opening my doors to all of you who have been requesting this for some time. For all those of you who have attended my seminar or have followed me on my blog know that I love to share my 53+ years of tailoring experience. These workshops will be all day long and will be PACKED with wonderful instruction, shortcuts, and techniques that will help you to make tailored and professional looking garments with an impeccable finish. Each student will make their own Tailored Jacket or Pant (dependent upon which class they choose). The flyers are below. SPACE IS VERY LIMITED so contact me asap to secure your spot. The deadline for applying for these workshop is May 20th. If you have any questions or want to go ahead and register please contact me at my email or call me at 404-213-6684.

Workshop flyers!!! Please pass along the info to your sewing groups and guilds!!!

For the record I plan on running a few more sewing workshops through the Summer. Here are the dates. The subjects are still TBD with the exception of August 6-8 which will be my Tailored Coat workshop---teaching you the in's and out's on making a professional coat. Just in time for Fall! I'm waiting to hear back and get your requests about the other dates. So if you have any ideas just let me know. Also if you want any of your groups or sewing guilds to reserve workshop for themselves just let me know. Here are the additional Summer workshop dates.....

July 9-11          Subject TBD
July 23-25         Subject TBD
                             August 6-8        Constructing a Tailored Coat

August 20-22    Subject TBD

Ok, now on to the STUDENT WORK!!!! For me this is, and I can't stress it enough, it's ALWAYS the most important part!

Bhakti made this gorgeous coat with lots of seaming, decorative straps and yoke.  Believe it or not she's been only sewing for just a few short months and she was able to make this. As you know constructing a coat is a big task for a new sewer but I walked her through it and now she has a coat she love's! That's why I tell people all of the time it's not always the amount of years you've been sewing but the techniques you use that makes the end product look phenomenal. She used Simplicity 2057 and some white/tan checkered upholstery fabric. She plans to add frogs as closures. BTW, we've been having 80F weather here so Bhakti is picture here wearing her coat (very briefly) with shorts!

Feben has quickly become our resident coat maker! She's made at least 6 or so in the last month. She goes for bold prints and color in very relaxed feminine styles. This coat here is a reversible jacket, Butterick pattern 4928. This pattern required a good deal of fabric. Feben worked on making kids coats before switching over to making Women's so the fabric requirement was indeed more. For this look she opted to let the fabric do all of the work and skipped adding the pockets and cuffs. She's working on making a small line of Women's coats at the moment!

Deanna is a graduate student at our local SCAD. She's been a student with me for a few years now. She made this dress as part of her "Sailor Moon" inspired collection and to go in her upcoming show "Fairy Tales and Magic". She draped and drafter her pattern and about a yard and a half of fabric was needed for both the top and skirt. She plans to do some beading on it but her shell is complete!!!

Well I hope you can see why I'm just so excited. I'm happy to be launching these workshops and near future one's so I can share all of this good information I share with my students. Again, if you have any questions or concerns don't hesitate to contact me. If you're interested in attending one of my workshops please call or email (404-213-6684 or If you have any ideas or request for workshops let me know as well! I will be filling in those additional dates fairly soon.

Thanks and take care!!!!
~Gentleman Jim

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Custom Sewn Vests, 80+ and Counting.....

I'm delighted to hear so many of you are excited about my upcoming Summer Workshops that I mentioned in my last post!!! We're getting the details together on this end. Although plans aren't finalized just yet I guess I can give you a few more details in advance.They will likely start in June and run through August. They will be 3 day workshops on subjects like Tailoring a Jacket, perfecting the fit of pants, etc---various topics you guys' have been requesting. They'll last all day in order to maximize your learning. I'm getting excited just thinking about it. More details on the way......

In the meantime I've been SUPER busy tailoring for others and teaching a good deal of new and excited students. Here is one of my clients who I make a good bit of clothes for. He especially likes my vests and I've made over 80+ vests for him! I'm really not kidding! This past week alone I made 2 of them. I make vests so often for him that I just created his own custom pattern. It's a vest style that's unique to his taste. He just brings in his fabric and I make them. There's nothing like having a custom wardrobe. Here's my client, Mr. B and some of the vests I've recently made for him.......

Well Mr. B also dropped off some more fabric so I'll be making more vests for him in the upcoming week. Hope you are having success with all of your sewing endeavors!
Sincerely, ~Gentleman Jim

Monday, March 24, 2014

The Sewing Expo's Have Come and Gone......

(My booth at the Atlanta expo)

Hello, Hello, Hello!!!! Oh, I've missed you all SO!!!! Please forgive my lengthy absence. I promise not to go away for so long again. As I mentioned before I had the privilege of teaching at the Original Sewing and Quilting Expo in Atlanta, GA and Lakeland, Florida. These two expo's were on 2 back-to-back weekends so needless to say I've been pretty busy. But I must admit all the preparation, driving and hotel stay was worth it. Mainly because I had the pleasure of meeting many of you!!! When I say there is nothing dearer to my hear then teaching Sewing/Tailoring---I REALLY mean it. And I LOVED the look of excitement on my students faces as I taught them some of my tailoring techniques and sewing shortcuts! There were so many "Ah-Ha" moments!!!!! For me that's what it's all about.

I also had a booth at the event where I was able to showcase some of my work and sell my 2 DVD's & Autobiography (posted on the left side of my blog) and some tailoring supplies. I had the privilege to meet so many people interested in my DVD's, those who already own them and raved about them, and followers of my blog.  It was truly a fun & productive meeting.
(Here's me and Victoria with my lovely blog follower Geannene. She and her son both attended my classes! Victoria accompanied on the Atlanta trip. You can read more about her expo insights at her blog.

With that being said please know that I plan to do many more events like this in the future. the OSQE mainly appealed to quilters but there are some other expo's and conferences that I will attend. And since the request to take classes with me were so overwhelming I plan to host a few Summer Sewing workshops. These will be 3-4 day sewing excursions at my sewing studio where I will work hands on with students all day (9am-5pm). Trust me when you leave you will not only sew better but you will sew faster! I'll be announcing more about that in the next post or so.

Anyhow it's good to be back blogging. I've got lots of new students and work to catch up on. Hope all is going well with you and yours.
~Gentleman Jim

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Upcoming Expo/ Student Highlights

Please, please, please, please forgive my hiatus. I've missed you guys so. I've been busily preparing for next week's Original Sewing and Quilting Expo of which I'll be teaching 4 classes and hosting a booth in the exhibit hall. If you've planning on attending please come by and pay me a visit. I know I'll get a chance to meet those of you who will be taking my classes. For the record, I'll also be teaching in Lakeland, Florida on the following week. So the next 3 weeks will be busy, buys, busy. But I didn't want to make this post about me but rather celebrate the success of one of my students. As I've mentioned to you before, I LOVE to teach what I know and have learned.

Here's the work of one of my student's at a local bridal show exhibit (held at a museum) who's venturing into special occasion decorating. Didn't she just do a phenomenal job. She got alot of interest and perspective clients from this show. Again, for me this is what it's all about. Helping to encourage my students to do and be the best. Hope all is going well you your projects!!! Talk to you soon!!!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Client Gowns, DVD's & Expo's.......

I just wanted to check in with my favorite folks---you! How's everything going for you? Things are their usual busyness on this end. Tending to clients with alterations and custom clothes as well as working with my students. Recently I did have the opportunity to make some very special gowns for some very special musicians. You can read about it at my student, Victoria's blog site HERE. She assisted me with some work on the project. I'll post formal pictures once I receive them. I thoroughly enjoyed working with these 5 fine and talented ladies.

Also, thanks for everyone who has grabbed a copy of my Ladies Tailored Pants DVD! It was definitely a labor of love for me. I'm already getting great feedback from it and am delighted that it's been a help to you. If you haven't purchased your copy yet I encourage you to do so since there's a limited amount available. ***See purchasing details on the left of the blog.

This is also the last week for the 50% off Basic Alteration DVD sale. The sale ends on Sunday.

Lastly, I'm excited about next month's Original Sewing and Quilting Expo in Atlanta & Lakeland, Florida. I'll be teaching at both and definitely want to connect with those of you who plan to attend. Please let me know who you, I'd love to connect.

Ok, that's all for now. Take care and I wish you continued success with all of your sewing adventures!!!

Monday, February 3, 2014

Ladies Tailored Pants Shipping NOW & A Special Video Message for you!

I'm Proud to announce that my 2nd DVD, "Ladies Tailored Pants" is finally HERE and the first batch of orders have SHIPPED out!!! Yes, they are in the mail and should get to most of you by mid-week. I again want to seriously apologize for the delays. There were things that were unfortunately out of my control. Well they are here and I'm excited to get them out to you! There's a limited amount available so please go ahead and place your orders today. Orders will ship within 24 hours. You've waited long enough and I wanted to get this DVD in your hands fast! The purchasing instructions are on the left side of my blog. For those with coupons or who live out of the U.S. you'll need to email me for an invoice. I'm SUPER excited about this DVD! Well I've got a few more things I want to share about it so please see this 5 min video below.....

Thanks so much for following me and watching my videos. I want to provide the best information that will assist you in all of your sewing efforts. As mentioned in my video be on the lookout for more resources. And let me know if you're planning to go to the Original Sewing and Quilting Expo in Atlanta, GA or Lakeland, FL. I'll be teaching there and would love to meet you in person!!! Ok, that's it for now. Until next time----enjoy your sewing!