Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Tie Sew-Along Session #1

Hello Folks! As promised here's the start of my Tie Sew-Along. It will consist of 3 sessions which will entail the following:

Session 1: Supply Review, Deconstructing a Tie, Fabric Prep and Pattern Creating Tips
Session 2: Creating the Tie pattern, Cutting out the Tie and Sewing Machine Assembly
Session 3: Finishing the Tie with Hand Sewing Techniques, Pressing the Tie, Fabric Care and                              Modifying the Tie pattern to create various styles.

Here are the 3 videos in session 1.

Video 1: Getting Started and the Intro & Explanation of Supplies used

(Larger view of supplies being used)

Video 2: Deconstructing the Tie and Pattern Creation Plans
I will warn you that due to a technical difficulty this video came out a bit blurry. Much apologies for that!!! I didn't scrap it since there was so much good information in it that I wanted to share. Not to worry, I'll recap it at the start of the next sessions. But definitely listen  to it and follow along as best you can so that you can work on creating your pattern. 

Video 3: Tie Fabric Details. This video details the types of fabrics used for making a tie and pre-treatment recommendations.

I hope you thoroughly enjoy these and much apologies about the blurriness in video #2. I'll be recapping/ reshooting it so again you miss anything but by all means please follow it's tips so you can create your own tie pattern!

Next up I'll show you the tie pattern I created from my used store-bought tie and I'll cut out the ties in both fabrics and start the sewing process! Stay tuned!!!

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