Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The Tie Sew-Along is Underway......

Ok everyone it's time to begin this tutorial!!! Well sorta!!! I want to give just a little more time for others to get tuned in and gather their supplies. Plus there were also some questions about the tie interfacing so I address those in the video below. So I'll begin prepping the tie pattern and cutting out my ties on Monday and moving forward showing you all of my steps that lead toward making a Perfectly Tailored Neck Tie!!!!Thanks to all who have shared info about this Sew-Along on FB and by other means!!! Again, in the video below I want to clarify what you'll be learning from this sew along and there were a few questions about how to get some tie interfacing so I addressed those. Make sure you have all of your supplies.
Supply List:
-1 yard of fabric
-1 scrap of lining 4X4" or so
-1 old tie (to use as a pattern and harvest interfacing) or purchased tie interfacing
-Sewing Machine
-Hand needles

 Remember this Neck Tie Sew Along is FREE and there is no need to register. I'll be posting details and video in a series of blog posts.'s the first video. I apologize it came in so late. The video is High Def so it took a long time to upload.....  Also, don't forget to register to win one of the 2 Tailoring Kit's I'm giving away HERE.

Here's the first Tie Sew-Along Video......


  1. Thank you for making this a FREE tutorial!

  2. Great video! When is the your next Burda Style class starting? I'm ready to enroll.

  3. Thank you so much for doing this class for us and the suggestion on how to get the tie interfacing.

  4. This will be my first tie. I am ready to go! How/where do I register for drawing?

  5. Oh my gosh...this is exactly what I've been looking for!!! Can't wait to get started!