Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Tie Sew-Along Session #1

Hello Folks! As promised here's the start of my Tie Sew-Along. It will consist of 3 sessions which will entail the following:

Session 1: Supply Review, Deconstructing a Tie, Fabric Prep and Pattern Creating Tips
Session 2: Creating the Tie pattern, Cutting out the Tie and Sewing Machine Assembly
Session 3: Finishing the Tie with Hand Sewing Techniques, Pressing the Tie, Fabric Care and                              Modifying the Tie pattern to create various styles.

Here are the 3 videos in session 1.

Video 1: Getting Started and the Intro & Explanation of Supplies used

(Larger view of supplies being used)

Video 2: Deconstructing the Tie and Pattern Creation Plans
I will warn you that due to a technical difficulty this video came out a bit blurry. Much apologies for that!!! I didn't scrap it since there was so much good information in it that I wanted to share. Not to worry, I'll recap it at the start of the next sessions. But definitely listen  to it and follow along as best you can so that you can work on creating your pattern. 

Video 3: Tie Fabric Details. This video details the types of fabrics used for making a tie and pre-treatment recommendations.

I hope you thoroughly enjoy these and much apologies about the blurriness in video #2. I'll be recapping/ reshooting it so again you miss anything but by all means please follow it's tips so you can create your own tie pattern!

Next up I'll show you the tie pattern I created from my used store-bought tie and I'll cut out the ties in both fabrics and start the sewing process! Stay tuned!!!

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Monday, January 26, 2015

We Interrupt the Regularly Scheduled Program for a Move!

Hello All!!!! Yes, today was scheduled for my next installment of my Tie-Sew Along but I had a minor interruption----I moved! That's right I had to relocate my sewing studio which meant moving 6 industrial machines, 2 industrial irons, one vacuum board, a large cutting table, tons of patterns, fabric, thread and supplies. I apologize for the interruption but it couldn't be helped.  I spent the last 4 days quickly making this happen to ensure we don't have any more interruptions in the future and I'll resume with the Tie Sew-Along on Wednesday, I promise!!! Thanks so much for your patience!!!

I ABSOLUTELY love my new sewing studio. It's spacious and I believe will be a welcoming environment for all my students and all those of you who choose to visit for  my workshops or private lessons. You won't believe it but out of my 53+ years of Master Tailoring I've moved dozens of times ---literally! There's nothing like finding the right spot.

 (Breaking down the old space. Nearly finished)

 (Old pics of the studio)

(Another view of the old studio)

 (Here's my WONDERFUL new space!!! Can you see me all the way in the back?)

  (How about now? I love the layout and space. This is the main room with more space in the back)

 (Lots to unpack and still move around. Then on to some decorating.)

 (Digging through patterns)

 (One of my prized and most envied possessions---my 12 foot custom built cutting table. I made it myself many years ago and it's traveled and moved with me so many times!)

 ("Bare bones" of my cutting table)

(Almost put together. Just have to add the dark wood top panel. FYI--I plan to extend another 8 feet on this table to have a 20ft long table!!!) 

Ok, I'm moving fast to get things all set up and as mentioned I'll be ready to send you the next Tie Sew-Along video on Wednesday! See you then:)

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The Tie Sew-Along is Underway......

Ok everyone it's time to begin this tutorial!!! Well sorta!!! I want to give just a little more time for others to get tuned in and gather their supplies. Plus there were also some questions about the tie interfacing so I address those in the video below. So I'll begin prepping the tie pattern and cutting out my ties on Monday and moving forward showing you all of my steps that lead toward making a Perfectly Tailored Neck Tie!!!!Thanks to all who have shared info about this Sew-Along on FB and by other means!!! Again, in the video below I want to clarify what you'll be learning from this sew along and there were a few questions about how to get some tie interfacing so I addressed those. Make sure you have all of your supplies.
Supply List:
-1 yard of fabric
-1 scrap of lining 4X4" or so
-1 old tie (to use as a pattern and harvest interfacing) or purchased tie interfacing
-Sewing Machine
-Hand needles

 Remember this Neck Tie Sew Along is FREE and there is no need to register. I'll be posting details and video in a series of blog posts.'s the first video. I apologize it came in so late. The video is High Def so it took a long time to upload.....  Also, don't forget to register to win one of the 2 Tailoring Kit's I'm giving away HERE.

Here's the first Tie Sew-Along Video......

Friday, January 16, 2015

Neck Tie Sew-Along Starts Next Week!!!

I'm delighted to be hosting my Very First Sew-Along!!! I'll be demonstrating how we Tailor's construct a Necktie. I hope you all will join in with me. It will be exciting and will give you another opportunity to see how I do things. Although it's not a complicated project don't underestimate what you can learn from it! Alot of great sewing lessons come from simple projects. I'll go in depth, explaining every step. This will likely be 3-4 sessions complete with video!!! No doubt you'll be able to apply some of these lessons to other projects!!! Plus isn't the thought of making a tie a fun one! They can be worn by both men and women. And think how much fun you can have making them in all sorts of fabrics!!!! NO NEED TO REGISTER! THESE WILL BE YOUTUBE VIDEOS OPEN TO EVERYONE!!!

Here's the video giving more details of the project. You'll find a supply list below as well!!!

Supply List:
-1 yard of fabric
-1 scrap of lining 4X4" or so
-1 old tie (to use as a pattern and harvest interfacing) or purchased tie interfacing
-Sewing Machine
-Hand needles

As mentioned I plan on making 2 ties to demonstrate how to work with a slippery fabric and a plain cotton. Again, this is FREE!!!! I hope you'll be joining. Please let me know in the comment section below.

See you at the Tie Sew-Along!!!

PS. Don't forget to enter my Tailoring Supply Kit Giveaway HERE
~Gentleman Jim

Monday, January 12, 2015

Happy New Year - 2015 Plans and a GIVEAWAY!

Happy New Year! I wanted to post this video to make you all aware of some EXCITING plans I have coming up for this year! I want to celebrate those plans by hosting a Tailoring Supply Giveaway all month long ! Check out this video and see below for the Tailoring Supply Giveaway details!!!

As mentioned in the video I've got some wonderfully, exciting plans for this year!!!

That's right there are new things in store---highlighted in the video....

-I'll be doing monthly webinars (beginning in February)  that will allow everyone to learn my clothing construction techniques and methods. These will be 1-2 hours in length and VERY clear and detailed. I'll be able to show you some of my easy and effective methods to making garments. They will be affordable and fun! And you can decide on the topics I'll present on (more info in the GIVEAWAY below).

-I'll continue with my weekly Master Tailoring tips videos. A little bit of information goes a long way when my tailoring tips are concerned!

-Skype Consultations!!!! I've been asked on numerous occasions if I would give Skype consultations for those trying tot start a business, already in business and want to make it grow, have pricing issues, or anyone with a general sewing question or want to learn a technique. Thankfully technology will help me serve you in a greater way.

-For fun I'll be heading up my first sew-along. I know you guys like those kind of group activities. I will have those periodically to further share some sewing and construction techniques. For the first Sew-Along we'll start with sewing a Man's Necktie! Details coming in the next week!

Ok, let's move on to this Tailoring Supply Giveaway!!!!

It's REAL SIMPLE---I'm giving away 2 Tailoring Supply Kits!!! It's everything you see here! 

Rules: All you have to do is a leave a comment answering the question What You Would Like To See Me Do A Webinar On? below and you'll be considered. I'll draw the 2 winners on Feb 1st!

The 2 Kits each contain the following Premium Tailoring supplies:

-1 Yard of both Woven Black and White Interfacting
-3 yards Ban-Roll
-1 Pair sleeve heads
-1 Pair Shoulder Pads
-2 Pieces of Disappearing Chalk
-1 Skein of Waxed Thread

Ok, just leave your answer to the question-----What Topics Would You like to see me Give a Sewing Webinar on?---in the comment section below. Drawing is on Feb 1st and there will be 2 lucky winners!!!

Also, don't forget to follow me on FaceBook and on YouTUBE under the name Gentleman Jim to keep up with my latest videos!!!

Ok, good luck to you and again have a wonderful New Year!!!!