Monday, January 26, 2015

We Interrupt the Regularly Scheduled Program for a Move!

Hello All!!!! Yes, today was scheduled for my next installment of my Tie-Sew Along but I had a minor interruption----I moved! That's right I had to relocate my sewing studio which meant moving 6 industrial machines, 2 industrial irons, one vacuum board, a large cutting table, tons of patterns, fabric, thread and supplies. I apologize for the interruption but it couldn't be helped.  I spent the last 4 days quickly making this happen to ensure we don't have any more interruptions in the future and I'll resume with the Tie Sew-Along on Wednesday, I promise!!! Thanks so much for your patience!!!

I ABSOLUTELY love my new sewing studio. It's spacious and I believe will be a welcoming environment for all my students and all those of you who choose to visit for  my workshops or private lessons. You won't believe it but out of my 53+ years of Master Tailoring I've moved dozens of times ---literally! There's nothing like finding the right spot.

 (Breaking down the old space. Nearly finished)

 (Old pics of the studio)

(Another view of the old studio)

 (Here's my WONDERFUL new space!!! Can you see me all the way in the back?)

  (How about now? I love the layout and space. This is the main room with more space in the back)

 (Lots to unpack and still move around. Then on to some decorating.)

 (Digging through patterns)

 (One of my prized and most envied possessions---my 12 foot custom built cutting table. I made it myself many years ago and it's traveled and moved with me so many times!)

 ("Bare bones" of my cutting table)

(Almost put together. Just have to add the dark wood top panel. FYI--I plan to extend another 8 feet on this table to have a 20ft long table!!!) 

Ok, I'm moving fast to get things all set up and as mentioned I'll be ready to send you the next Tie Sew-Along video on Wednesday! See you then:)


  1. Wow a great space love to see how you set up your space and decorate it. Congrats!

  2. I'd love to have that cutting table--would make layout and cutting fabric so much easier.

  3. Congratulations!! I am very happy for you!

  4. Awesome new space! I hope to visit again sometime this year - looking forward to enjoying the new studio.

  5. Nice and big! My hubby built us a 12ft picnic table that i simply love. I can imagine if it was in my sewing room! Take your time we'll be here Lord willing. Congrates on your new space!

  6. Your space looks great. Atlanta may be visiting soon.

  7. Wow!!!! I like the new space, the table is awesome. Looking forward to classes in that space. Are you close to hotels?

  8. Love the new space. Wish I had the room for that cutting table that size.

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