Sunday, July 27, 2014

New Facebook "PAGE"---Please Like my Page!!!

A wonderful follower suggested that I create a FaceBook "Page" that would make it easier for us to connect. So I will be shifting to using this page instead of my personal FB account. So sorry for the inconvenience. I know I just requested you to friend me a few days ago. Ignore that and head to my new page at this link HERE

Here's a screenshot of my new FB page. Again you can find it HERE

So if you wouldn't mind liking my new page here I would greatly appreciate it! And if you wouldn't mind passing on the information to others that would be great. I have some exciting information to share soon so you don't want to miss it!!! I'll also post giveaways, video's etc here!!! There's lots of exciting plans on the horizon!  I'm so glad we can be connected!!!

~Gentleman Jim

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Follow Me....Let's Be Social!

I realized my social media icons on the right of my blogs malfunctioned. While I'm fixing that I wanted to pass on my social media contact links for those who want to stay connected with me!

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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Pants Fitting and Construction Workshop a Success!!!

Hello all! I'm trying to play catch up with my blog posts. So allow me to pick up with my June 19-21 Pants Fitting and Construction workshop. Outside of my Pants construction DVD it was my first workshop and definitely a hit. I had 2 students which allowed me to give one on one attention and really pour out my knowledge to them.We covered nearly EVERYTHING in this 3 day workshop. Day 1 began with working us working on getting my student's measurements and teaching them how to conform any pattern to their shape. This is EXACTLY where I find most people struggle. I showed them my tips on making the necessary alterations to pants based on their fit analysis. Let's just say there were alot of "AHA moments"! Once the ladies had their pattern sized they cut it out and made a muslin to try on. The results were great and very minimal tweaking was needed which was very good. So they were ready to move on to constructing an actual pants for themselves.  On day's 2 and 3 I walked them through the in's and out's of constructing pants properly. If you've seen my Tailored Pants DVD then you know my method's are a bit different then what's referenced in most home sewers books. My methods are quicker and yield highly professional results. I showed the ladies how to draft and make their own pockets and facings, fly and waistband. The folks who know me know I make all of my pants pieces. Out of convenience I may use a commercial pattern but I'll throw out all of the pieces and make my own. In the end I had 2 students who walked out of that workshop no longer intimidated in any way about making pants to fit their body. That's the kind of confidence and knowledge that I like to help instill. If you're interested in attending my next Pants workshop in August or any of my others (mentioned in the last post) feel free to email me at As always it's a pleasure sharing with you all. Please check out the pics from the workshop below......

 (Opening lecture and information session)

 (My students Tracey and Victoria)

 (Discussing how pants manufacturing is done and how the techniques used in the garment industry are some of the best!)

Tracing a pants pattern and helping student make adjustments)

(another demo---prepping for the waistband)

 (working on installing a zipper)

 (Zipper installed! Perfectly sewn crotch---pre-ironed)

 (Tracey's pants was made out of linen. Here she is interfacing her fly and other pieces)

 (using the industrial serger)

(Kidding around with each other!)

(The end result! Here's Tracey in her custom made linen pants!!! The fit is absolutely perfect and she was more than pleased.Victoria made hers too but will be posting about her pants experience on her own blog Ten Thousand Hours of Sewing.)

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Remaining Summer Workshops.....Spaces limited, enroll today!

Well hello! I've received nonstop calls about my workshop schedules so I thought it a good idea to post it again. The June workshops --- The Tailored Jacket and Pants Fitting/Construction were great! You've seen photos of  from the Tailored Jacket workshop and I still need to post the Pants workshop details---which I'll do this week. I also will have my Master Skill Sharpening workshop in 2 days. I'm excited and so am my students. I'll give you details about that afterwards. It's not too late to register for the remaining workshops. Just drop me an email at for enrollment info. You'll find the workshop descriptions here.....

Master Skill Sharpening ----------July 10-12 (Thur-Sat) 
 Tailored Jackets-------------July 24-26 (Thur-Sat) 
 Tailored Coats (outerwear)--August 7-9 (Thur-Sat) 
Pants Fitting/Construction ------------------August 21-23 (Thur-Sat)
         ( Back by Popular demand !!!)                                                                    

Also I want to put in a special plug for my Tailored coat workshop!!! It will be the first time I formally teach my trademark coat construction secrets. Can you imagine being able to make your whole family coats that not only look stylish,  professional but are perfectly functional. This course will more than be able to pay for itself!!! Here's a pic of me with one of the coats I made for my daughter on last year. Coats are my specialty!

           Hope you're having a wonderful Summer and hope to see you at one of my workshops:)                                     

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Tailor's Tip #17---Use a Utility Knife to Pick Stitches!!!

Here's another one of my Tailor's tips for you. Of course I'm always trying to bring you information that will help you sew and work better and faster. Hope you enjoy!!!

-Gentleman Jim