Sunday, July 27, 2014

New Facebook "PAGE"---Please Like my Page!!!

A wonderful follower suggested that I create a FaceBook "Page" that would make it easier for us to connect. So I will be shifting to using this page instead of my personal FB account. So sorry for the inconvenience. I know I just requested you to friend me a few days ago. Ignore that and head to my new page at this link HERE

Here's a screenshot of my new FB page. Again you can find it HERE

So if you wouldn't mind liking my new page here I would greatly appreciate it! And if you wouldn't mind passing on the information to others that would be great. I have some exciting information to share soon so you don't want to miss it!!! I'll also post giveaways, video's etc here!!! There's lots of exciting plans on the horizon!  I'm so glad we can be connected!!!

~Gentleman Jim


  1. I hope you'll continue to blog here. Not all of us are on Facebook, and I enjoy reading about your sewing and teaching adventures. Thanks!



    now like this pahe

  4. liked it :) Here is our page Thanks :)