Friday, November 21, 2014

And the Winner of my Final Set of DVD's is......................

Ok, before I announce the winner I want to thank you all for all of your kind words concerning the Burgundy wool coat I made and posted on FB. Ok, for those who didn't see it on FB I'll post it here as well. Thanks again! I REALLY enjoy making coats love the reward of taking several yards of wool and using my quick and time saving tailoring techniques to turn out a coat such as this in 7 hours.

I will showcase how I made this coat in my upcoming BurdaStyle Master Tailoring Course that you get more info about HERE! With one week left to go there isn't much time to sign up so please do so today! I don't want you to miss out on all the great info I have to offer.

There's also a commercial for it here....

 I love what I do and that's why I share and offer classes to you. I don't want to keep this knowledge to myself but pass it on to you guys, those looking to learn professional tailoring techniques that are simpler to implement and yield the best results.

Ok, now on to the WINNER.............................DRUMROLL PLEASE..................................................

The Winner is MAGDW!!!

Congrats Magdw!!! Please email me your address at so I can send you your DVD set!!!!

And thanks to everyone who entered. You're still a winner in my book!!! Stay tuned, I'll continue to release free videos,tutorials and info on my blog as well as FB page. Take care and I wish you all a splendid weekend!!!


  1. Glad you reposted it. That wool coat is lovely!!!

  2. Omg. I'm sooo excited. Thanks so much. I will email my address... You just made my day...

  3. Dear Gentleman Jim: I am very interested in taking your Burda Style course; however, cannot afford the cost right now. I already have your Basic Alteration video (remember I won it in one of your giveaways earlier this year), and was wondering if I had all of your DVD sets would they bascially cover the same material that is included in the Burda Style course??? You stated that the online course is available for use for 3 months. I would much rather be able to purchase your DVD's so I could have them as a long term resource. If I purchase your pants DVD, is there another DVD that you have to complete my set; for instance a jacket/coat DVD.

    Eagerly awaiting your response.
    Linda Faye Lewis

  4. Congratulations! I know you will enjoy the DVDs. So looking forward to the Burda classes.

  5. I really liked your post. It is right that now art of fine tailoring has become rare. This tutorial will help to polish my tailoring skills. Thank you for sharing.

  6. This is really a good blog aboout tailoring techniques. I am trying to learn stiching from youtube and this video is really gonna help me for making a coat to add in my winters wardrobe.