Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Tailor's Tip #49: Pre-washing Fabric with Shampoo

I thought it would be good to create a special set of posts dedicated to my tips. After 53+ years I have a good plenty (smile). This is my first such post but my tips will be randomly numbered. There's just simply no fun going in chronological order. Ok, now on to my tip I get asked all the time what is a good detergent to prewash fabrics in. And to that I give the same reply I've been giving for years-----Hair Shampoo! That's right, I recommend hair shampoo. And not just anyone---I recommend my favorite which is Creme of Nature.
(Older packaging some of you may be familiar with......)

(....newest packaging but the same great product!)

 The reason being is it's not only a cleaning shampoo but also a conditioning one. It's perfect for cottons, washable silks and rayons. I recommend testing a scrap in wash if you're unsure of the results. I have to admit the conditioner acts as a fabric softener as well. Not much is needed since it's concentrated and depends on your load size. A medium load usually calls for 1-2 cap fulls. So I recommend you give it a try- you won't be disappointed. And of course my disclaimer is please test any fabrics aside from the one's I listed. Enjoy this tip and look out for more in the future!!!!


  1. Oh yes! I'm both a sewer and a knitter and I've often used hair shampoo and conditioner on my wool knits. Wool fiber is after all just another kind of hair.

    Wonderful to hear this shampoo is great to use on other natural fibers as well!

  2. Nice! Can't wait to read about the other tips!

  3. Interesting. I learn something about sewing every day and love it. Keep the tips coming.