Thursday, September 4, 2014

Guess What I'm working On??? / Helpful Tips on Working with White Fabrics to Come!

I'm currently working on a male client's Maxi Suit made of quality white linen. This suit has a long coat and matching pants. I'm almost done. The pants went together really quickly and I've framed the jacket (added all the interfacing) and just have to pick up some lining so I can finish. Alot of sewers are nervous about constructing and sewing white garments. There's really nothing to it. I'll share with you some of my tips in the next post or so. In the meantime let me leave you with some pictures of my work so far. Also, I'm jetting out of town this weekend to celebrate my 70th Birthday!!!! Whoever said time flies by when you're having fun sure wasn't lying. I've enjoyed working in this industry for 53+ years of my life. Well I'm gonna celebrate this weekend and get back to finishing this coat. I just can't wait to share with you some of my tips and pointers.

(Here's the linen jacket pieces laid on the table and "framed" with interfacing. See how long the jacket is!!! I just need some white lining and I can start assembling. The white pleated front pants which I'm holding are done!

(Linen pants)

(Closer view. Linen is a WONDERFUL fabric to sew and wear. It's good qualities outweigh the fact that it can at time be very wrinkly!)

(Inner view!!!! Wonderfully tailored on the inside. Complete with waist skirt, zipper, lining, hook and eye and all of the other components of a well-tailored garment. My student said it looked like a piece of art!)

Ok, I'm off to visit family in Atlanta to celebrate my 70th birthday. More on this project and helpful tips upon my return!!!! Take Care! ~Gentleman Jim


  1. Happy Birthday, Gentleman Jim! It appears that the years have been good to you. It's true, those pants are a work of art. I have the pants construction DVD. The instructions for putting the pieces together are excellent. I'd like to see an instructional on how you actually draft the pattern pieces.

  2. 70?! what?! lol
    And I wish you shared these tips last week when I stained my white fabric with my iron *sheds a tear*

  3. Many happy returns, hope you have a fantastic time visiting family Gentleman Jim.

  4. Ha very Happy Birthday! Just discovered you last week in my quest to figure out what I've done wrong on my first pair of men's trousers! I should have found you years ago!

  5. Happy birthday. You are an amazing person. Hope you enjoy your birthday x

  6. wow! 70!! wishing loads of happiness and 70 more to come! :D

    beautiful trousers!!!

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