Sunday, September 8, 2013

Remember these Pants.....

You may recall  I created a YouTube video on "Video Tutorial: How to Add Waistband, Ban Roll and Clamp Hook and Eyes to Trousers Part 1 and Part 2 on last month.Well I wanted you to know what became of those pants. It turns out I was making them for my daughter who's a business major at FAMU. I've been making clothes for her all of her life. She's one of my favorite "clients" (wink). Since she's a business major she has to wear business attire ALOT! I've made more jackets and pants for her then I can count. I'm currently working on a white jacket for her and a just finished up a pair of hounds tooth dressy shorts to go with it. I'll post pictures of both of them once I finish the jacket. Well here's a pic of her just trying them on the pants in the video for the first time. Forgive the crude pictures captured by my cell phone. Below are the front, side and hanger view of the pants.

Allow me to point on something about these pants. This is a side view of her pants on a hanger. Notice how the top of the backside of the pants angles up. This is to account for the fuller rear she has. You add height to the center back of the pants to ensure the pants cover her fully and that upon sitting the pants won't dip down.

Anyway just wanted to show you the finished product. It's always great to have a satisfied customer, especially so when she's your daughter (smile).


  1. What a lucky girl!

    I didn't know about your YouTube videos, so now I've subscribed there too. This is very timely for me - I've been wanting to know how to make a professional-looking waistband to make pants for my husband. Thanks!

  2. I've just discovered your blog and I look forward to learning from you.

    PS: My sister and step-mother are Rattlers!

  3. Lucky young lady. The pants look amazing.

  4. Great pair of trousers. Do you have any tips for lining up the checks?

  5. thank's for your information and i really like your post ^___^