Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Video: Setting Pleats In Men's Pants

Hello All! Here's a little video on "Setting Pleats in  Men's Pants".  I was in the middle of making a pair of pants for a client and thought I'd give you a little quick tip of mine. Hope you enjoy the video. As always, there's more to come! Speaking of videos, don't forget my "Tailored Ladies Pant" video is on pre-sale (see the left side of my blog for ordering details). If you have a 25% off coupon see the left side also for details on how to claim that discount. The DVD is almost here!  I'm just waiting to get the copies shipped to me so I can send out to all who ordered. Should be any day now. Thanks so much for your patience!!!!

Enjoy the video......


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  3. The only one complaint I had, when wearing these pants, they were pretty heavy,
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