Monday, June 16, 2014

Tailored Jacket Workshop- Day 2

I'm just picking back up where I left off in my last post. Day 1 of my Tailored Jacket Workshop entailed all of the prep work for the jacket. On day 2 we went full on into construction. With everything prepped and ready to go the construction part went pretty smoothly. I had the students connect the lining to the jacket. The lining and jacket went together perfectly since we created our own pattern. No fiddling with a commercial lining pattern hoping it will work ok. Afterwards they attached their collar. I have several tricks with collars. I taught them how to convert a collar into 2 pieces and create a stand along with a few others. The most interesting things I relayed was how to prevent "roll-out" in the jacket and how to connect the sleeves to the jacket so the sleeves wouldn't shift later. Again I was all too delighted to share my tips with my students. I love to make other's sewing easier! Here are some shots of us in the workroom.....

Sharon and Mr. Jim analyzing her jacket

Sharon showing off the inside's of her jacket after attaching the lining.

Looks so professional!!!

Bev hard at work preparing to attach the sleeves

Next 3, the final workshop day.

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