Sunday, June 22, 2014

Tailored Jacket Workshop Day 3---Pics and Video Testimonials

And now for the final installment of my Tailored Jacket workshop. Day 3, back on June 7th was all about putting the finishing touches on the jacket and learning some new techniques. Sharon also did her muslin fitting. In the end the Ladies ended up with beautiful jackets they could take home with them!

We started the day with a little chit chat. I love to give my students background inforation on how the garment industry works. Here I'm showing them a professional electric fabric cutter I own.

Then we began the day working on the ladies jacket's.

Here's Sharon sewing together her jacket muslin......

....and trying it on. We determined her fit issues, marked the muslin and now she can use this as a reference anytime she needs to make a jacket!

I also taught a good deal of bonus material. I showed the ladies how to make a handmade buttonhole.

Here's Bev going at it by herself......

and here's the finished product! She just has to remove the basting stitch. Looks great!!!! 

And here are the Ladies with their finished jackets. Here's Bev's.....

.....and Sharon's. Victoria will post pictures of her jacket on her own blog!

The insides are FLAWLESS!

I also showed the Ladies how to make the tailored besom pockets aka welt pockets

I have a really quick and easy method that ensures professional results in very little time!

Also, here some testimonials from the students's Sharon's take on the workshop.

Bev shares her experiences too!!!

All in all we had a WONDERFUL 3 days!!!! I LOVE working with my students and how much they benefited from my learning my methods, tool and techniques. I'm looking forward to the next Tailored Jacket Workshop which will be held on July 24-26. Registration is OPEN. Please visit this link for more details!!! Also, this weekend I just completed my Pants Fitting/Construction Workshop and will be pointing the detail this week! Have a wonderful week!
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  1. This looks like a great class!

  2. Well, hello sir!

    Vanessa here. Again, it was a pleasure meeting you last week during my visit to Savannah. In the little time I spent in your shop, I learned a great deal and I can hardly wait to put my skills to work at home.

    I look forward to chatting with you again soon and as promised, I posted my blog here: