Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Tailored Pant DVD Cart Open to EVERYONE!!!!/ Basic Alteration DVD 50% off again!!!

Hello Everyone!!!! Hope you're preparing for the holidays and everything is well with you and yours. Well the Shopping Cart is OPEN to EVERYONE to Pre-Order Ladies Tailored Pant Construction DVD. See ordering instruction on the left side of the blog

For 25% off coupon holders Only: I unfortunately couldn't get the 25% off coupon to work---with the shopping cart. So here's Plan B....... So whenever you're ready to purchase the Tailored Pants dvd just email me the 25% off coupon code and I'll email you back a Paypal invoice reflecting the 25% off discount and the price of shipping for your region!!! Again, if you have the 25% off coupon just email it to me at and I'll email your discounted Paypal invoice. So sorry for the hassle but we're not going to let a little coupon snafu spoil the show!

Last but not least, the Basic Alteration DVD is back on sale again for 50% off. It would make an excellent stocking stuffer!!!! This sale is only until the end of the month so get yours today!!!! Remember, same shipping rules apply---$4.95 for U.S. ; Canada and all other countries please email me so I can send Paypal invoice with your correct shipping rate---$10.75 Canada & $13.75 for all other countries.

You know I love having special goodies for you the special folk in my life!!!! Enjoy the specials!!!
~Gentleman Jim


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