Friday, December 6, 2013

Tailored Pants Construction DVD Update.....

Hello you all! Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. I want to catch you up on the status of my Pants DVD. I first and foremost want to APOLOGIZE for the delay in it's release. There was an unexpected production hiccup that shifted the schedule back a couple of weeks. If all continues to go well the DVD will be able to be shipped in the next couple of weeks.

One thing I can definitely guarantee is that this DVD will be worth the wait! My goal in producing any of my DVD's is to give you the best possible product. This "Tailored Pant Construction" DVD is no different!!! It is full of my "signature time management methods" that will cut down on construction time TREMENDOUSLY and ensure professional results. You'll be able to sew up a tailored pair of pants and be amazed at your results.

Since we're only a few weeks away from the DVD release I wanted to go ahead and jump start the Pre-Sale  which will start on Monday, December 9th. The DVD will sale for $29.95 but for those of you who received the 25% off coupon during the October Basic Alteration sale will be able to redeem your coupon. Additional details about the DVD, it's content,  purchasing, coupon redemption will be released on Monday. I'm SO excited again to bring this superb instruction to you. Have a great weekend and talk to you on Monday!!!!

PS. I've been bombarded with working on the DVD and with clients and students. My load is lessening so expect more regular blog posts. I love sharing with you and hearing from you!!!

~Gentleman Jim