Saturday, March 29, 2014

Custom Sewn Vests, 80+ and Counting.....

I'm delighted to hear so many of you are excited about my upcoming Summer Workshops that I mentioned in my last post!!! We're getting the details together on this end. Although plans aren't finalized just yet I guess I can give you a few more details in advance.They will likely start in June and run through August. They will be 3 day workshops on subjects like Tailoring a Jacket, perfecting the fit of pants, etc---various topics you guys' have been requesting. They'll last all day in order to maximize your learning. I'm getting excited just thinking about it. More details on the way......

In the meantime I've been SUPER busy tailoring for others and teaching a good deal of new and excited students. Here is one of my clients who I make a good bit of clothes for. He especially likes my vests and I've made over 80+ vests for him! I'm really not kidding! This past week alone I made 2 of them. I make vests so often for him that I just created his own custom pattern. It's a vest style that's unique to his taste. He just brings in his fabric and I make them. There's nothing like having a custom wardrobe. Here's my client, Mr. B and some of the vests I've recently made for him.......

Well Mr. B also dropped off some more fabric so I'll be making more vests for him in the upcoming week. Hope you are having success with all of your sewing endeavors!
Sincerely, ~Gentleman Jim


  1. 80+ by now you must make them with your eyes close. Your customers are so lucky to have you.
    Have a great weekend!

  2. Wow! The vest style and fabrics are gorgeous!

  3. Wow! Where is Mr.B shopping for his fabric?! Those vests look great!

    1. Hi TheTellTaleTasha, Mr. B mostly gets his fabric from Hancock Fabrics. You can get great upholstery fabric for cheap on their flat fold tables!

  4. Looks like Mr. B. likes his vests made out of upholstery fabrics. I like my clothing made out of a good woven upholstery myself. :-)

  5. I am already planning my trip to Savannah. I'll be there if at all possible.

  6. Mr. B is a lucky man. I'm planning my vacation to Savannah around your workshops. Can't wait!