Monday, March 24, 2014

The Sewing Expo's Have Come and Gone......

(My booth at the Atlanta expo)

Hello, Hello, Hello!!!! Oh, I've missed you all SO!!!! Please forgive my lengthy absence. I promise not to go away for so long again. As I mentioned before I had the privilege of teaching at the Original Sewing and Quilting Expo in Atlanta, GA and Lakeland, Florida. These two expo's were on 2 back-to-back weekends so needless to say I've been pretty busy. But I must admit all the preparation, driving and hotel stay was worth it. Mainly because I had the pleasure of meeting many of you!!! When I say there is nothing dearer to my hear then teaching Sewing/Tailoring---I REALLY mean it. And I LOVED the look of excitement on my students faces as I taught them some of my tailoring techniques and sewing shortcuts! There were so many "Ah-Ha" moments!!!!! For me that's what it's all about.

I also had a booth at the event where I was able to showcase some of my work and sell my 2 DVD's & Autobiography (posted on the left side of my blog) and some tailoring supplies. I had the privilege to meet so many people interested in my DVD's, those who already own them and raved about them, and followers of my blog.  It was truly a fun & productive meeting.
(Here's me and Victoria with my lovely blog follower Geannene. She and her son both attended my classes! Victoria accompanied on the Atlanta trip. You can read more about her expo insights at her blog.

With that being said please know that I plan to do many more events like this in the future. the OSQE mainly appealed to quilters but there are some other expo's and conferences that I will attend. And since the request to take classes with me were so overwhelming I plan to host a few Summer Sewing workshops. These will be 3-4 day sewing excursions at my sewing studio where I will work hands on with students all day (9am-5pm). Trust me when you leave you will not only sew better but you will sew faster! I'll be announcing more about that in the next post or so.

Anyhow it's good to be back blogging. I've got lots of new students and work to catch up on. Hope all is going well with you and yours.
~Gentleman Jim


  1. Praying for the opportunity to attend your summer workshop!

  2. I am so excited to read about your upcoming workshop.I've been praying for an opportunity like this. Hoping I will be able to attend.

  3. Yea! I'm really excited to hear about your summer workshops! Hopefully, I can attend.

  4. I absolutely loved getting to meet you at the expo in Atlanta and learning from you. I love your DVD and your book and it was truly and honor for me to meet you. I am also excited to hear about the workshops you will be having. I would love to be able to attend. Thanks again for your classes and taking the time to get to know us at the expo.

  5. It was so great meeting you at the expo,and watching your videos. My son has watched both of them already.Can't wait until your summer workshop in Savannah.

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