Friday, November 15, 2013

Before and After: Coat to Vest Conversion

I love re-purposing old clothing pieces and I love to do it for my clients. Here's one of my recent alterations. A client brought in her Mothers old coat made out of Persian Lamb with Mink sleeves and Mink collar. The coat was getting old and a bit brittle (a common problem of old animal skins) so my client wanted it converted into a vest. I gladly obliged her. So here's the before and after pics. It turned out quite lovely if I do say so myself:)



Here's my client wearing it. She loves it!!!!


  1. Nice save. An idea for a blog post how to turn lined coats and jackets into lined vest. (hoping :-)

  2. Nice work again. I am amazed to see how well you recreated it with such great skills and innovation. I have become a big fan of your work. And now i am thinking to visit you soon:)