Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Finished Calvary Twill Sports Coat!!!!

I've been done for well over a week, just was trying to carve out some time to tell you about it. Remember the Calvary Twill Sports Coat I started tailoring for my client that I talked about HERE. Well the Sports Coat is complete and went together without a hitch!  And my client was thoroughly pleased with the results. Here are some pictures of the final product.......

Calvary Twill Sports Coat on Mannequin

 Calvary Twill Sports Coat on Hanger

Calvary Twill Sports Coat on Happy Client!

I ALWAYS enjoy tailoring a coat from start to finish. I strive to give my clients the best product. Looks like my work is done here for now (smile)
~Gentleman Jim

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  1. Nice job. thanks for sharing your wonderful work experience with us. :) i know tailoring these type of apparel is not an easy thing to perform. goog luck for your future assignments.