Monday, November 4, 2013

Sale Re-Extension & Sports Coat Progress Pics Part II

I want you guys to know how much I appreciate you! Your requests for my DVD has left me no choice but to extend the sale a little longer. I don't want anyone to miss out! I'll do what I can to make sure each and every one of you get it for the cheapest price available. The 50% off  Basic Alteration DVD sale is extended until Wednesday at midnight! I'm really appreciating all of the great feedback you're giving me. It does my heart so good to know that you find the information really helpful. Thank You!!!!

Also here's more Sports Coat pic updates from the last post. Here's some more photos showing my progress. These are a bit time delayed so I'm just a couple more steps from completion. I'll show you those in a future post......
 (Inner construction. Hymo canvas, interfaced edges, and pockets visible)

(Interfaced edges upclose) 

 (Front jacket pieces edges entirely interfaced)

 (Lining and front facing as separate pieces before being attached to jacket front)

 (Attaching the front facing to the jacket fronts)

 (Padstitching on jacket front)

(Jacket assembled without sleeves)

Again, these are pics from last week. This Sports Coat is near completion. I'll show those pics shortly.
Take Care, Gentleman Jim


  1. It amazes me to see the steps to put together a jacket! It really is like magic! Thanks for sharing! I'm loving your Alteration DVD I played it a few times now.

  2. I'm looking forward to seeing the final coat. Question (as usual for me): how long does it take to make a sports coat from start to finish? and do you draft your own patterns?